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Improve Policy Management



Improve how you manage Policy across your Plants

Increasing stakeholder expectations are driving the need for stronger corporate governance and assurance processes around operational performance in hazardous industries.  The real challenge is not necessarily in the process or quality of rule creation but to ensure the strategic intent of your policies, standards and practices are delivered consistently in operational practice across your organisation.

With limited frontline systems such as electronic permit to work (EPTW) or paper based PTW systems we depend upon individual competency to a large extent to interpret and apply rules appropriately. Without a means to systematize our policies the variance in how workload is managed against risk according to policy doesn’t just vary from facility to facility but from frontline supervisor to frontline supervisor.  The lack of systematized processes and divergence from standards can lead to inappropriate behaviors, unpredictable work execution, a less than optimum safety culture, risk normalization, operational inefficiencies and the increased potential for incidents.

Without systems that can provide us with consistent data and feedback are we severely limiting our effectiveness in assessing compliance, leveraging the competence of our workforce? Without consistent data and feedback are we constrained in our ability to drive continuous improvements in operational performance and operational discipline?

Proscient can help you improve how you manage Policy across your Plants

Proscient_Col_v1_0_medPetrotechnics’ Proscient software platform provides you the means to systematize a standard approach of safe working practices across your organization.  Proscient provides a comprehensive policy management solution allowing you to leverage predefined policies out of the box, or tailor policies to achieve corporate objectives and demonstrate regulatory compliance.   Apply and manage the degree of flexibility required for regional, local and cultural variations while ensuring all policies, procedures and rules are based on the corporate standard.

  • Drive standardization and consistency across the organizations
  • Reduce the time and cost to create and update policies, manage local variations and demonstrate internal and external compliance.
  • Standardization drives consistent and reliable data generation including policy compliance and critical operational risk related data.
With Proscient you have centralised capabilities to configure, deploy and manage policy sets and localizations with clear visibility of policy changes and versions.  By designing safe working practices into the system from the beginning compliance becomes more of an exercise in transparency as you can track performance against targets and leverage Proscient’s Audit and Lessons functionality to focus compliance assessments on what matters most.
Proscient can help you leverage the competence of your frontline operational staff by providing them with a systematized approach based on user centric processes that can ensure corporate compliance.  With operational decision support throughout the work execution process to provide clarity of the big and important issues your frontline staff will flourish raising their performance, improving operational safety, rule adherence and ultimately driving better outcomes.
Proscient provides the means to drive continuous improvement of your frontline operational policies and safe working practices. Over time with an accumulated understanding of the degree of policy adherence, deviations, policy audits, policy lessons capture and approval trends, policy makers have the data, the analysis and the tools to improve decision making on how to most effectively improve how the strategic intent of policy is delivered in operational practice.