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Lower Operational Risk



Improve how you manage Operational Risk across your plants

If your company is in a hazardous industry, ensuring safe, efficient and sustainable operations is one of your primary objectives.   Understanding and managing the dynamic operational risk your plants carry on a daily basis is absolutely essential.  However, efforts to reduce risk are often seen as diametrically opposed to efforts to achieve production targets and improve production efficiency.

Your frontline management has to make the day-in day-out judgment calls on how best to manage the operational risk arising from dynamic plant conditions, the daily intervention work and its impact on the plant.  Do they have the reliable and consistent operational decision support tools and data they require to best mitigate and manage operational risk?

Proscient can help you better prioritise safety and production critical work to improve production efficiency

Proscient_Col_v1_0_medThe Proscient software platform provides you with the capabilities to better prioritise and optimise safety and production critical workload on the 90, 28, 14/7 day plans and in real-time within the operational window.  You can systematically and practically manage operational risk across your plants. Lowering Operational Risk doesn’t have to be about limiting production.  It can be a competitive advantage as you can systematically and practically manage operational risk across your plants to help you optimize production efficiency today and for the long run. With powerful operational decision support you can better understand the impact of workload on your critical safety barriers and optimize the schedule to get more work done safely.

The Proscient platform provides the means to:

  • Automatically capture dynamic operational risk related data (plant conditions, planned and live workload, other factors etc…)
  • Link Asset Integrity Risk with Cumulative Workload Risk and other dimensions of Risk to understand the holistic Operational risk you are carrying
  • Dynamically visualize a common view of Operational Risk across your plants and disciplines- in Time, in Space (Area, Plant etc..)
  • Operational  Decision Support Tools to proactively manage  human performance and activity workload against operational risk (ex: Change plan to put more resources into area of high risk)
With Proscient you can understand and manage the integrity risk associated with impairments to the barriers (technical, operational and organizational safeguards and controls) in your plants to prevent the occurrence of significant incidents.  Both the American Petroleum Institute and the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers identify demands on barriers amongst the most useful leading safety indicators to improve operational risk management (e.g. API 754 and OGP 456).
More than simple rules based job/permit based conflict detection (SimOps) Cumulative Workload Risk allows you to manage the total risk associated with the combination of all of the intervention work occurring in a plant or area at a given time. It takes into account the type of work, the volume of work, the human factors, environmental factors and other impacts and provides you the means to optimize the schedule to lower risk and improve efficiency.
With the added ability to look at trends of your Plant’s operational risk health over time, your organization has the information to optimize decision making around upcoming work program priorities.  Operational Risk key performance indicators can be built with Proscient to provide process safety (ex. API RP 754 Tier 3 & 4) indicators as well as workload risk indicators and health metrics.