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Move Beyond ePTW


Move Beyond EPTW

Are you using or considering an EPTW product to digitize your permit to work processes to provide control, permit efficiency, productivity and compliance capabilities?

Take a moment to consider – is there an Easier Approach?

The Easier Approach – Move Beyond EPTW with Proscient

Proscient_Col_v1_0_medProscient is an enterprise ready software platform designed for organizations who want to drive sustainable and tangible benefits that come from optimizing production efficiency and lowering operational risk.  Unlike EPTW products, Proscient’s dynamic support for the full spectrum of frontline work activity, broader operational business processes and the interrelated dependencies with other operational systems provides your organization with higher value and less risk in three fundamental areas:

Proscient makes it easier for your operational and maintenance staff and contractors to have clarity of the big issues at the frontline.  User centric business processes ensure compliance with your policies and drive positive and efficient outcomes.  Benefit from unparalleled Control of Work depth where and when you need it and support for the broadest range of operational business processes.
Proscient provides you with powerful holistic operational decision support.   Empowered with  information and easy to use tools, your frontline managers can make more informed decisions about how best to optimize workload against operational risk according to policy to improve production efficiency.
Unlike EPTW systems, Proscient is a broader platform your organization can use to connect, improve and optimize a wider range of key work management business processes.  With Proscient you can start with your current requirements and have the flexibility to evolve and grow as new requirements emerge.

  • Lower Operational Risk by understanding and managing the impact of workload on your critical safety barriers or lines of defence and optimize the schedule to get more work done safely.
  • Optimise Production Efficiency through a more integrated planning to execution process that optimizes the plan at your pre-defined time horizons to significantly improve plan accuracy.
  • Improve Policy Management to achieve corporate objectives, demonstrate regulatory compliance and drive continuous improvement of operational practices.

Move Beyond EPTW to Proscient with an easier way to provide deeper and broader value to your organisation with the same effort and less risk.   Address your EPTW requirements and drive higher value by improving production efficiency and lowering operational risk.  Provide your frontline management with fully integrated tools to simplify and optimize how they manage workload against operational risk according to policy.

Take a closer look at Proscient and Move Beyond EPTW to Higher Value

EPTW products even those labeled as next generation all have fundamental limitations that should be carefully considered:

  • Narrow, standalone point based products focused on permits
  • Limited consideration of broader operational business processes
  • Manage independent jobs and permits statically and independently of each other
  • Simple rules based permit conflict detection with no concept of cumulative risk
  • Lack of clarity of the big issues at the frontline
  • Insufficient and inconsistent data generation to drive continuous improvement