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Optimise Production Efficiency



Optimize Production Efficiency across the Work Management Process

Increasing stakeholder expectations of safer, more efficient and sustainable operations are placing growing demands on our already finite operational and maintenance resources to achieve more with demonstrably less risk. This is particularly the case with aging assets where the demand on maintenance and operations resource is particularly acute. Under such constraints the only way to meet these increasing demands is to improve wrench time in order to reduce maintenance backlog, safety critical maintenance and maintain or improve production efficiency.

Proscient can help you optimize production efficiency across the work management process

Proscient_Col_v1_0_medProscient enables Planning, Maintenance, Operations, Safety Services and Supply Chain to share real data and collaborate throughout the planning to execution process.  As part of a broader integration with other frontline operational systems Proscient can play a key role to optimize the planning to execution process at different time horizons (e.g. 90 day, 28 day, 14/7 day and in the operational window). Proscient facilitates earlier identification and understanding of the full scope of the workload including its safety dependencies, the operational risk resulting from barrier impairments and cumulative workload risk and the resources required to safely deliver the work.

This generates a safe work plan that can be fed back to the appropriate system for resource management and a better understanding of what tasks are required to safely deliver the plan. As a result, the work schedule can be more efficiently identified, managed and safely delivered according to critical maintenance, safety and production priorities providing the opportunity for significant gains in efficiency.

  • Fully integrate the Planning-Maintenance business processes with Work Execution at your 90, 28, 14/7 day planning time horizons and enhance plan accuracy
  • Understand and manage the impact of your workload against operational risk (asset integrity and cumulative work risk) across different time horizons to improve your plan
  • Provide better operational decision support for your maintenance and operations staff to optimize the schedule to get more work done safely
  • Improve wrench time significantly due to enhanced plan accuracy
  • Plan and optimize for faster and more efficient turnarounds
With Proscient you can facilitate improved management of workload against priority and operational risk throughout the work management process.  With feedback of critical job data such as the safe work scope breakdown, dependencies, equipment lessons and actual durations back to other work management systems Proscient provides powerful continuous improvement capabilities for future plan accuracy.
Proscient can provide better understanding of the nature of the operations and maintenance interactions that can cause delays and incorporate these into your planning and scheduling processes.  With this understanding you can dynamically manage work load against risk in way that reduces delays makes more optimum use of the operational resources available.
Proscient provides the ability to better plan and optimise the turnaround activity months in advance in terms of the operational resources, the associated cumulative risk and the completion of control of work documentation. In the midst of a turnaround, Proscient  can be used to update and optimize the turnaround plan with actual data from on-going and completed work allowing key maintenance resources to be made available at the appropriate times.